Your own adventure starts here

The camper truck body straps into the bed of the pick-up, so it doesn't need to be modified and the tailgate can stay in place. You can also leave the camper behind and drive away, by putting its legs down.

The overcab bed is 176x128cm and can extend lengthways over the dinette area to 190cm.

With heating, fridge, kitchen, toilet and showering facilities, you have everything you need for self-sufficient, wild adventuring.
The body has no joints for leaks - it's guaranteed for 20 years.

The camper is suitable for a wide range of trucks including Ford Ranger, Nissan Navarra, Isuzu D-Max, Toyota Hilux, Jeep Gladiator and Volkswagen Amarok. This is an obvious upgrade if you already own a pick-up truck.
This is a vehicle that has adventure written all over it. With no increase in vehicle length, it should remain as capable off road as a four-wheel drive truck.

Price points

The products come in different specs, and at different price points

Keep it cool. £14-21,000

This camper has an integrated fridge/freezer and space for a toilet.

Keep it fresh. £14-26,000

This camper has a wet room to shower in, but no space for a fridge.

Supersize me. £17-30,000

This camper, for American-sized pick-ups, has everything and is much bigger inside.